Mission Statement

The Drury Lane Clinic London was established in 1986. The clinic combines Conventional Medicine with Complementary Medicine, as we believe that no one system has the whole answer to every medical problem.
Our therapists adopt a ‘Holistic Approach’ to treating their patients/clients. They do not look at the presenting problem alone, but look at all aspects that affect that area of the body. 75% of doctors’ appointments are related to conditions caused by stress. At the Drury Lane Clinic we are committed to alleviating that stress through the different therapies.
We have 12 therapists at the clinic who provide a wide range of treatments. Dependant on the therapy required, home, office and hotel visits in the London area are available.
Complementary Therapy is a term which commonly refers to those therapies that complement standard or mainstream medical treatments. The treatments we offer at The Drury Lane Clinic are aimed to create a feeling of well-being through rebalancing the body, alleviating the effects of stress, increasing energy levels and reducing aches and pains.


All our therapists are fully qualified in their respective therapy. They are also fully insured and are members of their respective professional body.