facial-reflexologyFace Reflexology is a fairly new and some might argue, trendy therapy. However, it certainly has great benefits inside and outside of the body. The skin is the largest organ in the body, second to the liver and is an organ of detoxification and elimination, but also one of production and absorption. Reflexology, in general, has many benefits, namely improving circulation, nerve conduction and lymphatic drainage of harmful waste products. Our face is definitely a clue to our general health.

Face Reflexology is a fantastic therapy to help improve the circulation to the face and head, thereby speeding up exchange of Oxygen, nutrients, Carbon Dioxide and the removal of waste products. It also relieves tension in the skeletal muscles of the face, giving a more relaxed overall countenance and a youthful appearance in general.  It also relieves mental strain thereby improving concentration, giving the recipient an overall sense of well-being and invigoration. Interestingly, it also helps relieve sinusitis and congestion in the face generally.

Face Reflexology is a non-invasive, Holistic Therapy that speeds-up skin reconstruction, or what we may understand as a natural, mini face-lift.  Our face is a painting that is maturing in many ways as we age. A lot of us want to keep our older paintings, when our face was young and fresh and as I stated, we spend millions on it with products to gain this achievement.

Face Reflexology will achieve this by simply oxygenating the Dermis (the true skin), and detoxifying the area, bringing vitality and generally, giving us an overall fresher look.

Prices From £50